Microsoft Inside Ole 2. Kraig Brockschmidt

Microsoft Inside Ole 2

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Microsoft Inside Ole 2 Kraig Brockschmidt
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The best resource I have been able to find is Kraig Brockschmidt's Inside OLE (2nd ed; ISBN 1-55615-843-2), published back in the mid-nineties. This put me on stage at many developer conferences and saw the publication of Inside OLE 2 (1993) and Inside OLE 2nd Edition (1995). Of present-day applications development. The approach of the book is good and it starts from basic concepts to finer details. In this capacity I ended up as the industry expert on the OLE and COM technologies. 8 --Put some values into table. COM (Component Object Model) forms the foundation of OLE and ActiveX as well as Microsoft's vision for componentized, distributed computing. Inside COM explains COM from the ground up, beginning with a lucid overview October 6, 2012 at 2:08 pm. Buy Book Inside Ole 2: The Fast Track to Building Powerful. Whitten's Ode to Himself, I suspect that it took many man-years of effort by other smart people at Microsoft to make OLE work like it was supposed to. Approving … "I also introduced the first object-oriented device drive interfaces into BASIC (essentially the first use of C++-style vtables in 1979 well before C++)" . 1 create function test_func (). I have only my suspicions to go on, but based on reading Dr. My copy did not include the original CD, but Kraig very kindly sent them to me. However in many solved examples the header files are missing !! (They are supposed to be on the Microsoft website, but this was broken at the time of writing.) Microsoft seems to have fallen out of love with OLE and provides little useful information besides the API references. The Strategic Technology Microsoft introduced its ActiveX technology to developers in 1996 as a means. RGlasel Send Approving … I wrote an app that was driving Acrobat using OLE2 back in 1994. Now execute this query again: As described here [] it forces to send the metadata. 2 returns @tmp table ( --set up our table-valued UDF. Jack M Mack says: It's a good book to start COM.